For the Children’s Sake – Chapter 3 “Authority and Freedom”

Discussion Questions:

For the Children’s Sake
Chapter 3
Authority and Freedom

1. The first question posed: Are children naturally good or bad? How does she answer this question? Per Charlotte, children are born with disposition towards good and bad just as we are. “There are good and evil tendencies in body and mind, heart and soul; and the hope set before us is that we can foster the good so as to attenuate the evil; that is, on condition that we put education in her true place as the handmaid of Religion.” Charlotte Mason, Page 43

2. Is there anything said that specifically strikes you? A quote that really struck home? “There is an objective truth, the very substance of the infinite God who is indeed there and has not been silent.” Pg 43 “The child should be given the source material on the subject of right and wrong directly from the Bible.” Pg 43

3. Can you give an example of an arbitrary rule? Have you ever issued an arbitrary rule? Do I have the right to propose arbitrary rules upon those under me? “The adult is as much under God’s authority as the child.” Pg 44 “We march under the same orders.” Page 44

4. Do you work on habit formation with your children? Can you identify some habits that are important for you to pass on to your children? Pg 45 “Charlotte Mason believed that the right habits should be established in childhood.” “The first habit, of course, is obedience. In fact, this is the single greatest pattern to be formed.” Pg 45 “Ninety-nine out of a hundred things we do, are done, well or ill, as mere matters of habit…” CM Pg 45

5. “Blessed are the peacemakers. I believe all adults who have an office of authority over children should meditate on this regularly.” Pg 46 What do you think SSM meant by this?

6. As the authority in your home, what were some considerations SSM mentioned to keep in mind? Consider the child’s needs, Be fair, Be dependable, Use diversions, Use care when considering handing over authority, Be loving! Pgs 48 – 55



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