For the Children’s Sake – Chapter 6 Discussion Question Responses

Chapter 6 Discussion Questions
1. What was the PNEU motto?

“I am, I can, I ought, I will”

2. What is meant by “I am” in the PNEU motto?
I am – I am unique. I am born with personality, traits and qualities that are specific to me.

3. What is meant by “I can” in the PNEU motto?

“Yes, I believe in myself in a balanced, realistic way.” (pg 150) “…you can divide people into those who feel they can, and those who assume they can’t.” (page 151)

4. What is meant by “I ought” in the PNEU motto?

“…’What is right?’ and then, ‘I ought.'” (pg 151) “Study the Bible to see what are the “oughts”.

5. What is meant by “I will” in the PNEU motto?

“Having clarified what is right, we realize that we are able to choose what is right.  ‘I will do it, even though I don’t feel like it/it is hard/everybody else isn’t doing it.'” (Page 152)


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