Pocketful of Pinecones – Chapters 1 – 10 Discussion Questions (Week 1 and Week 2 reading assignments)


Discussion Questions, as posed by the author, at the end of every “diary entry” in “Pocketful of Pinecones” are simple yet thought provoking. Take time to reflect on each question:

Chapters 1 – 6 Discussion Questions posed by Karen Andreola in “Pocketful of Pinecones”:

1) Would you and your children welcome the idea of starting a Nature Notebook?
2) Does your student like to draw?
3) Which afternoon of the week would be most suitable for your nature observation?
4) Field books are indispensable for identifying living things. What other books on nature study do you have handy?
5) Does your neighborhood have any weedy wayside blossoms?
6) Is there a park in your town that you can visit?
7) Have you tried making leaf rubbings?
8) Do your children have someone or something to love, something to do, and something to think about each day?
9) What is it about Nature Study that interests you, the teacher?
10) Still life subjects of fruits and vegetables in season can become a Nature Notebook entry. Which ones suggest themselves to you?

I would also like to suggest that you take a moment this week and read pages 238-239 from the Appendix.


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