Assignment 2: Review – Pocketful of Pinecones

Did you get the opportunity to read?  If not, take a moment and catch up.  The reading is very easy.

In this lesson, as Mrs. Andreola pointed out in the introduction, she laid out how to begin a nature study.  Carol provided each of her children  with a composition book, a clipboard, colored pencils and paper and very simple instructions “…keep a record of whatever bit of nature they found, drawing and writing a little something about what they observed…”

And she gave them the most important gift she could give them: her attention.  Right when she was ready to begin her canning, the children asked her to come outside and see what they discovered.  Instead of brushing off their request, she stopped what she was doing and took the time to listen to them.  Above everything else she did, I think that was the single most important thing Carol could do to encourage her children: participate.

So often, I get busy with my “to do list”.  This was good encouragement to me to stop, listen and encourage.

What did you like about the reading this week?  Did you learn anything new?

God Bless you on your walk!


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