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Top sites for Charlotte Mason related content

Here are some of my favorite places to go when I need more information and I want it to be Charlotte Mason related:

Ambleside Online: Hands down this is my favorite website for Charlotte Mason related information.  They offer free curriculum, a free version of the Charlotte Mason six volume home school series in the original and the modern English paraphrase version, the Ambleside Online Parents’ Review Archives, a blog, Archipelago, written by the AO advisory board, and so much more.

Simply Charlotte Mason: SCM has a bookstore with products to help you apply the Charlotte Mason method and it includes some free ebooks for download, a blog to uplift and inform you about Charlotte Mason and her methods, events, a free curriculum guide, and more.  I like the free downloadable ebooks.

Charlotte Mason Help: CHM describes itself as “Practical Ways to apply the lofty ideas of Charlotte Mason in your Home and School”.  My favorite part of this site is the history section.  They have a historical wall timeline and four year history rotation that is very nice!

These are my top three so far.  I hope you find them helpful, too.